Who We Are

Who We Are

FFA Real Estate has established itself as a leading provider of real estate investment opportunities through combining in-depth market knowledge with industry expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to our clients and investors.

Creating Value

FFA Real Estate, a member of FFA Private Bank, is a fully integrated real estate development company. Since its launch in 2008, FFA Real Estate has continued to go from strength to strength, forging an impressive track record as an originator and manager of exceptional real estate investments.
We combine first-hand knowledge of markets with the strong expertise of our in- house team to execute the entire real estate development process from inception to exit. Building on the success of our signature developments in Lebanon, we expanded to real estate investment opportunities across Europe. Today we have assets under management valued at USD 550m in Lebanon and Euro 220m in Europe.
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    The value of assets under management in Lebanon
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    The value of assets under management in Europe
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    In the market


We carefully structure, actively manage, advise and market our investment products, seeking different opportunities with the capacity to invest at all levels of the capital structure.
As a fully integrated real estate platform we offer a comprehensive array of services and solutions. Our expertise in all aspects of the real estate lifecycle gives us an exceptional ability to tailor our offering to the most complex demands of both our clients and the market.

  • Development Management
    Development Management
  • Investment & Asset Management
    Investment & Asset Management
  • Sales and Marketing Management
    Sales and Marketing Management
  • Real Estate Investments with Benefits
    Real Estate Investments with Benefits


At FFA Real Estate we are committed to incorporating sustainable thinking into society, the economy, the environment, and our own business practices.
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  • Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon
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