A personal perspective on Citizenship by Investment

A personal perspective on Citizenship by Investment
13 November 2018
For interior architect Bachir Nader a long-held idea of acquiring a second nationality became a reality when he turned to FFA Real Estate. Investing in Christophe Harbour, an approved project under the real estate option of the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program, made Bachir eligible to apply for citizenship. It was a process entirely handled by FFA Real Estate and which soon gave Bachir a new nationality and brand new passport in hand. We asked Bachir to answer a few questions on his experience.

What inspired you to pursue St Kitts and Nevis nationality?

My work gave me international exposure which required me to travel very often. Having the St Kitts passport saved me the time and long frustrating procedures of applying for a visa every time I need to travel.

What made you choose FFA Real Estate?

Looking at different opportunities worldwide, I found FFA’s product the most competitive with regard to the benefits and incentives.

What was your experience of the process like?

The process was very easy and simple and took place without the need to appoint a personal lawyer. I submitted all the required documents within 72 hours and the procedure ended in a record time. I couldn’t believe I had the passport in such a short period.

And how did it feel to finally visit St Kitts and Nevis?

I needed to get to know the country and seek out the roots of my passport. Thanks to the management of Christophe Harbour, my trip felt somewhat regal with the extra care they gave me. I rented a car and cruised around these two beautiful Caribbean islands and got to know the historical and important sites of both islands and made some connections with the locals... I even ended up acquiring the local driving license.
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