5 reasons why a 2nd passport is an option for a better future

5 reasons why a 2nd passport is an option for a better future
24 February 2021
The passport we are entitled to by birth or by naturalization has a major influence on how we live our lives, not least in terms of where we can travel to. In the modern world, however, we don’t have to accept the limitations of one passport, with the option of a second passport, gained through a government-sponsored citizenship by investment program, opening up new possibilities, opportunities and horizons. Here are five reasons why a second passport can be an option worth considering:

1. Freedom of movement

A second passport can be empowering in the sense that it can give the freedom to travel around the world visa-free, effectively giving you the status of a true global citizen. With a St. Kitts & Nevis passport in your hand, for example, you can travel visa-free to more than a hundred countries around the world, including EU member states, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. With a Maltese passport, the number of visa-free countries you can access is 184, including the US.

2. Quality of life

Owning a second passport entitles you to live in the country and enjoy the quality of life that it brings. Imagine being within easy reach of 365 beaches of clean turquoise waters that are fantastic for sailing and yachting – this is what being a citizen of Antigua and Barbados can offer. With a Dominica passport, you could live with a pleasant year-round climate and enjoy a low cost of living, while with a Portuguese passport you would enjoy the country’s high quality of life, rich culture and great climate, as well as high standards of international education and healthcare.

3. Business opportunities

Your second passport can open up a world of business opportunities. Having a Greek passport, for example, allows you to live and do business in any EU state, while choosing Maltese citizenship would place you in one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and a favorable place for doing business. Many countries that offer citizenship by investment also have enticing tax climates, such as Montenegro, where corporate and personal income tax are low, or Dominica that offers specific corporate tax incentives.

4. Peace of mind

Protecting you and your family is naturally your utmost priority and citizenship by investment programs are usually geared to securing citizenship for all the family should you wish. Living in another country can bring the ultimate peace of mind that you and your family deserve. Portugal, for example is renowned for its peaceful allure, and often ranks among the safest countries in the world.

5. A promising future

By securing citizenship through investment, you are also investing in your future and that of your children. Through quality education, excellent healthcare, a safe and secure environment, and greater opportunities, you are empowering yourself and your children to thrive. Whatever your dreams or aspirations for the future, there is a global citizenship program that can help you achieve them. FFA Real Estate has years of proven experience in securing global citizenship for its clients. To discuss your needs further, contact +9611960777.
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